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Color Balls is a classic 9×9 board game. This is highly addicted game which will challenge your mind and keeps you entertainment for many hours.

You will start with 9×9 grid board and three color balls, which will be placed in the random grid squares. The colors of the balls are choose randomly out of seven available colors.
Your task is to pick one ball by clicking on it and move it to the best location. You can always change your mind and pick different ball just click on it. If you stack four balls with the same color in one line (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) the line will disappear and you gain 10 points for each eliminated ball. More balls you stack more points you get. Remember whenever you move a ball, which will not complete the line another three random color balls will appear in the random locations.
There is only one golden rule of this game. The balls can be moved only to the clear path location. If you pick unreachable location to move to nothing will happen, you can pick another ball and move it.

Keep playing until there are no more empty locations, than your score will be saved and placed in the scoreboard if is better then the existing one. Your score is always saved with the date and time when you got it. Try to beat your record !

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